According to a recent BBC article, in the United Kingdom the median price range for music lessons is £30 per hour based on a survey published by the Incorporated Society of Musicians. In central London, music tuition will run you about £38 an hour. These lesson prices vary in different countries, but for parents who have more than one child enrolled in classes the fees associated can be much more to endure.

3.5 million children in the United Kingdom participate private music lessons, according to the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music. That’s 36% of the total population. Many of these students receiving lessons in more than one instrument. Of these instruments the board noted that the keyboard is the most popular with the piano and recorder following it.

Access to music lessons still remains largely reliant on the income of the parents. Fran Hanley, music education official for the Musicians Union provides some tips for parents looking to keep the costs of their child’s music education down.

Fran Hanley’s Tips:

  • Speak to music teachers and ask if they provide group lessons so parents can share the cost.
  • Use a search database to find a tutor that best suits your child.
  • Check with your child’s school to see if scholarships, low cost lessons, or cheap instruments are available.
  • Go to the local music area for information about lessons and instruments.
  • Consult with specialist music stores and shops about teaching in the area.